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Oh, noez!!!

2008-07-29 18:05:07 by marine111

I'm ridin' a car, someone shot out my homies! I jumped out of car. they still shootin', i hide behind cow, but they threw a grenade to cows ass. Cow exploded and i've been blowed away to another cow, they stoped shootin'. I took a look, there was nobody there, excpect the toilet. And than i saw the toilet vanished away! And there was somebody behind me... It was that toilet again!!! Than i woke up... i was shited in my pants. THE END XD

PS: That's not true, it's just mine good humor :D


2008-07-29 17:15:19 by marine111

I THINK TO TAKE SUICIDE!!! Whot do you guys think? :D


2008-07-28 10:48:07 by marine111

Rofl :3

The best price have: Xbox 360
The best graphics have: Playstation 3
The best network have: Xbox 360
The best foto-sharring have: Playstation 3
The best music-sharring have: Playstation 3
The best design have: Playstation 3
The best games have: Xbox 360
The most positive-points on game forums have: Xbox 360

RESULT: PS3-4 Xbox 360-4

Comment by me: Well? That impressive and good lesson for all of you.
I think Xbox 360 is a bit better cause of price and network. But if you guys want say
something more so just give a comment.

PS3 vs. Xbox360

2008-06-30 07:25:16 by marine111

Why you should'nt but PS3:
1. There is not so much games on it.
2. You can't use the old controlers. (From PS2 or PS1)
3. It's only a bit better then Xbox 360. (I can't excatly see difference)
4. Cost a lot... (the worst reason)
Result: Xbox 360 is cheaper then PS3 and there is a lot of games on Xbox 360.

And on this picture you can see difference between PS3 and Xbox 360.
You can very well see as on Xbox 360 landscape is somewhat darker then PS3, BUT i think it looks a bit more real then on PS3. But if you guys can say more about it so just add a comment.

PS3 vs. Xbox360


2008-06-26 16:15:59 by marine111

Army Of TWO Excelent game! it's from this year! :D


2008-06-26 06:25:23 by marine111

Air Soft it's polish but you can turn language to english in right upper corner. Really AWESOME wares!!! but it's polish :(
This game sucks, but you maybe gonna like it.
__ _____________


2008-06-18 13:25:19 by marine111



2008-06-16 11:35:32 by marine111

So boring, there is nothing to do.